Board Policies

Monticello Community School District
Board Policies
Table of Contents

Series 100- School District
100        Mission Statement
100.0 Mission Statement
101         Legal Status of the School District
101.0 Legal Status of the School District
102        Equal Educational Opportunity and Nondiscrimination
102.0 Equal Educational Opportunity
102.0E1 Notice of Nondiscrimination
102.0E2 Continuous Notice of Nondiscrimination
102.0E3 Notice of Student and Parental Rights
102.1 Grievance Procedure
102.1F1 Grievance Form
102.1F2 Grievance Documentation

Series 200 – Board of Directors
 200         Guiding Principles
200.0 Statement of Guiding Principles
200.1 Code of Ethics
201         Status and Power of the Board of Directors
201.0 Name of the School District
201.1 Legal Status of the Board of Directors
201.2 Powers of the Board of Directors
202         Electing the Board of Directors
202.0 Elections
202.1 Vacancies
202.2 Membership (Term of Office)
202.3 Qualifications
202.4 Oath of Office
203         Officers of the Board of Directors
203.0 Officers of the Board of Directors – President
203.1 Officers of the Board of Directors – Vice President
203.2 Officers of the Board of Directors – Secretary
203.3 Officers of the Board of Directors – Treasurer
204         Compensation and Conflicts of Interest for the Board of Directors
204.0 Board of Directors’ Member Compensation & Expenses
204.1 Board of Directors Conflicts of Interest
204.2 Gifts to Board of Directors
205         Board Member Liability
205.0 Board Member Liability
206         Board Meetings
206.0 Board Meetings – General Provisions
206.1 Open Meetings
206.2 Closed Sessions
206.3 Public Hearings
206.4 Annual Meeting
206.5 Organizational Meeting
206.6 Regular Meetings
206.7 Addressing the Board of Directors at Board Meetings
206.7E1 Addressing the Board of Directors at Board Meetings Exhibit
206.8 Minutes of Meeting
207         Board Committees
207.0 Board Committees
207.1 Ad Hoc Committees
207.1E1 Ad Hoc Committee Exhibit to Provide Committee Members
208         Board Policies
208.0 Development of Policy
208.1 Adoption of Policy
208.2 Adoption of Administrative Rules and Regulations
208.3 Dissemination of Policy
208.4 Suspension of Policy
208.5 Review and Revision of Policy
209         Legal Counsel
209.0 Legal Counsel
210         Complaints to Board of Directors
210.0 Personnel and Citizen Complaints
210.1 Student and-or Parent Complaints
210.1F1 Student and-or Parent Complaint Form

Series 300 – Administration
 300         Management
300.0 Management
301         Administrative Positions
301.0 Administrative Positions
302         Administrators
302.0 Administrator Qualifications, Recruitment, Appointment
302.1 Administrator Contracts
302.2 Administrator Salary and Other Compensation
302.3 Administrator Professional Development
303         Superintendent
303.0 Superintendent of Schools – Functions
303.1 Superintendent’s Development, Enforcement, and Modification of Administrative Regulations
303.2 Superintendent’s Evaluation
304         Principals
304.0 Building Principals – Functions
304.1 Administrator Evaluation
305         Succession of Authority
305.0 Succession of Authority

Series 400 – Employees
 400         Statement of Guiding Principles
400.0 Statement of Guiding Principles
400.1 Definitions
400.2 Recruitment of Personnel
401         Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination
401.0 Equal Employment Opportunity
401.1 Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Compliance Program
401.2 Prohibition of Harassment
401.3 Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action and Harassment Grievance Procedure
401.3F1 Discrimination-Harassment Complaint Form
401.3F2 Discrimination-Harassment Witness Statement
402         Reporting Complaints
402.0 Employee Complaint Procedures
402.1 Public Complaint About Employees
403         Reporting Abuse
403.0 Reporting Child Abuse
403.0R1 Reporting Child Abuse Regulations
403.1 Abuse of Students by District Employees
403.1R1 Abuse of Students by District Employees Regulations
404         Employee Records
404.0 Employee Records
404.0R1 Employee Records Regulations
405         Employee Family and Medical Leave
405.0 Family and Medical Leave
405.0F1 Family and Medical Leave Notice to Employees
405.0F2 Family and Medical Leave Request Form
405.0R1 Family and Medical Leave Request Regulations
405.0R2 Family and Medical Leave Definitions
406         Employee Leave and Discipline
406.0 Leaves of Absence for Military Service
406.1 Leaves of Absence for Jury Duty and Subpoenas
406.2 Leave of Absence for Political Service
406.3 Unpaid Leaves of Absence
406.4 Employee Suspension
406.5 Employee Dismissal
406.6 Pay Deductions

407         COBRA Compliance
407.0 COBRA Compliance
407.0R1 COBRA Regulations
408         Employee Health and Safety
408.0 Employee Health Examinations
408.1F1 Employee Medical Emergency Form
408.2 Communicable Diseases
408.3 Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens
408.4 Hazardous Chemical Disclosure
408.5 Universal Precautions
408.6 Injury at Work
408.7 Worker’s Compensation
409         Employee Use of Drugs and Alcohol
409.0 Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace
409.0F1 Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace – Notice and Acknowledgement Form
409.1 Drug and Alcohol Testing
409.1R1 Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations
409.2 Smoke and Tobacco-Free Environment
410         Employee Conflicts
410.0 Employee Conflicts of Interest
410.1 Gifts and Honoraria to District Employees and Their Families
410.2 Nepotism
411         Employee Activity
411.0 Personal Political Activity
411.1 Personal Business and Tutoring
411.2 Personal Publication or Creation of Materials
411.3 Licensed Employee Professional Development
412         Employee Use of District Property
412.0 Travel Reimbursement and Use of District Vehicle
412.1 Use of District Credit Cards
412.2 Use of District Property by Employees
413         Other Employees or Volunteers
413.0 Substitutes
413.1 Student Teachers
413.2 Volunteers

Series 500 – Students
500         Statement of Guiding Principles

500.0 Statement of Guiding Principles
500.1 Equal Opportunity Educational Program
501         Student Enrollment
501.1 Student Enrollment in District
501.2 Resident Students
501.3 Non-Resident Students
501.4 Foreign Student Enrollment
501.4R1 Foreign Student Exchange Program Regulations
501.5 Homeless Youth Enrollment
501.6 Open Enrollment Procedures
502         Student Attendance
502.1 Compulsory Attendance
502.1R1 Attendance Cooperation Process
502.2 Competent Private Instruction
502.3 Dual Enrollment
502.4 Attendance of Classes and Instructional Time
502.5 Student Release During School Hours
502.6 Emergency School Closings
503         Student Conduct
503.1 Student Conduct
503.2 Student Conduct – Suspension
503.3 Student Conduct – Expulsion
503.4 Possession or Use of Illegal and/or Controlled Substance
503.5 Possession of Weapons
503.6 Student Freedom of Expression
503.7 Student Appearance
503.8 Student Use of Motor Vehicles
503.9 Student Conduct on District Transportation
503.10 Anti-Bullying and Harassment
503.10R1 Anti-Bullying and Harassment Investigation Procedures
503.10E1 Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment Complaint Form
503.10E2 Anti-Bullying/Anti-Harassment Witness Form
503.11 Search and Seizure
503.11R1 Search and Seizure Regulations
503.11E1 Search and Seizure Documentation Administrator’s Form and Guide
503.12 Questioning of Students
503.12R1 Questioning of Students Regulations
504         Student Records
504.1 Student Records
504.1R1 Use of Student Records Regulations
504.1E1 Student Records Request Form for Parents or Students
504.1E2 Student Records Request Form for Other Parties
504.1E3 Authorization for Release of Student Records
504.1E4 Notification of Transfer of Student Records
504.1E5 Request for Hearing on Correction of Student Record
504.1E6 Letter to Parent Regarding Receipt of Subpoena
504.1E7 Annual Notice Regarding Student Records
504.2 Student Library Circulation Records
504.3 Student Directory Information
504.3E1 Notice of Use of Student Directory Information
504.3E2 Objection to Release of Student Directory Information
504.4 Student Surveys
504.4E1 Annual Notice Regarding Protection of Student Rights
504.4E2 Annual Schedule of Activities and Review Forms
504.5 Student Photographs
505         Student Activities
505.1 Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities
505.1R1 Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities Regulations
505.2 Secondary Student Organizations
505.3 Student Eligibility and Good Conduct Policy
505.4 Student Government
505.5 School Publications
505.5R1 School Publications Code
505.6 Student Social Events
505.7 Student Fees, Fines and Charges
505.7R1 Student Fee Waiver Regulations
505.7E1 Student Fee Waiver Application Form
505.8 Student Honors and Awards
506         Student Health
506.1 Student Health Services
506.2 Special Health Services
506.2R1 Special Health Services Regulations
506.3 Student Health and Immunizations
506.4 Communicable Diseases
506.4E1 Communicable Disease Chart
506.4E2 Reportable Infectious Diseases
506.5 Administration of Medication to Students
506.5R1 Administration of Medication to Students Regulations
506.5E1 Parental Authorization and Release Form for the Administration of Medication to Students
506.5E2 Parental Authorization and Release Form for the Self-Administration of Asthama Inhalers and Airway Medications
506.5E3 Parental Authorization and Release Form for the Self-Administration of Epinephrine via Epi-Pen
506.6 Student Exposure to Irritants and Allergens
506.7 Student Injury or Illness at School
506.7E1 Student Injury or Illness at School Accident Report Form
506.8 Student Insurance
506.9 Student Wellness
506.9R1 Student Wellness – Physical Activity
506.9R2 Student Wellness – Nutritional Guidelines
506.9R3 Student Wellness Other Activities to Promote Wellness
506.10 Emergency Plans and Drills
506.11 Stock Epinephrine Auto-Injector Supply
507         Miscellaneous
507.1 Class or Group Gift to School
507.2 Student Complaints and Grievances

Series 600- Education Program
600         Educational Program and Multi-Cultural/Gender-Fair Education

600.1 Educational Program
600.2 Multicultural and Gender Fair Education
601         School Calendar
601.1 School Calendar
601.2 School Day
602         Instructional Program
602.1 Basic Instructional Program
602.2 Special Education Instruction
602.3 Instruction for Students at Risk
602.4 Instruction for Limited English-Proficient Students
602.5 Instruction for Talented and Gifted Students
602.6 Instruction at a Post-Secondary Institution
602.6E1 Post-Secondary Enrollment Option Guidelines
602.6E2 Post-Secondary Enrollment Option Agreement Form
602.7 Global Education
602.8 Career Education
602.9 Physical Education
602.10 Health-Human Growth and Development Education
602.10E1 Human Growth and Development Excuse Form
602.11 Teaching Controversial Issues
602.12 Teaching About Religion
602.12R1 Teaching About Religion Regulations
602.13 Religion Based Exclusion from School Program or Activity
602.14 Academic Freedom
603         Curriculum
603.1 Curriculum Development
603.2 Curriculum Adoption
603.3 Curriculum Implementation
603.4 Curriculum Evaluation
604         Instructional Materials
604.1 Selection of Instructional Materials
604.1R1 Selection of Instructional Materials Regulations
604.2 Inspection of Instructional Materials
604.3 Objection to and Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
604.3R1 Objection to and Reconsideration of Instructional Materials Regulations
604.3E1 Objection to and Reconsideration of Instructional Materials Request Form
604.3E2 Objection to and Reconsideration of Instructional Materials Sample Letter Response to Request
604.4 Use of Information Resources
604.4R1 Use of Information Resources Regulations
604.5 Production of Materials and Services by Student and Employees
604.6 School Library
605         Appropriate Use of District Technology, Network Systems and Internet Access
605.1 Appropriate Use of District Technology, Network Systems and Internet Access
605.2 Issuing District Technology to Staff and Students
605.2E1 Staff Technology Acceptance Form and Consent to Use of District Technology, Network Systems and Internet Access
605.2E2 Student Technology Acceptance Form and Consent to Use of District Technology, Network Systems and Internet Access
605.3 Implementation of Technology Protection Measures
605.3E1 Modification of Technology Protection Measures Forms
605.4 Technology and Instructional Materials
606         Graduation Requirements
606.1 Graduation Requirements
606.2 Virtual On-Line Courses
607         Student Progress
607.1 Long Range Needs Assessment
607.2 Student Progress Reports and Conferences
607.3 Student Testing
607.4 Student Promotion, Retention and Acceleration
608         Miscellaneous
608.1 Animals Inside the Classroom
608.2 Field Trips and Excursions Outside of the Classroom
608.3 Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Series 700 – Noninstructional Operations
700         Statement of Guiding Principles
700 Statement of Guiding Principles
701         School Food Program
701.1 School Food Program
701.2 Eligibility for Free or Reduced Cost Meals
702         School Transportation Program
702.1 Student School Transportation Eligibility
702.2 Transportation of Non-Resident and Non-Public School Students
702.3 Operation of Buses during Inclement Weather
702.4 Extra-Curricular Activities Transportation Service
702.5 Summer School Transportation Service
702.6 School Transportation Usage by Non-School Entities
702.6E1 School Transportation Usage by Non-School Entity Agreement
702.7 Transportation Insurance Program
702.8 Alternative Means of Transporting Students
702.9 School Bus Safety Instruction
702.10 School District Bus Routes
702.11 Video Cameras on School Transportation
703         School Grounds
703.1 Video Cameras in School Buildings and on School Grounds

Series 800 – Business Services
800         Statement of Guiding Principles
800 Statement of Guiding Principles
801         Budget
801.1 Planning the Budget
801.2 Budget as a Spending Plan
802         Funds
802.1 School District Revenues
802.2 Sale of Bonds
802.2R1 Sale of Bonds Regulations
802.3 Governmental Fund Balance
802.4 Student Activities Fund
802.5 Investment of Funds
802.6 Depository of Funds
802.7 Transfer of Funds
802.8 Cash in School District Buildings
802.9 Gifts, Grants, and Bequests
803         Expenses and Reporting
803.1 Approval and Payment for Goods and Services
803.2 Unpaid Warrants
803.3 Credit Cards
803.4 Financial Reports
803.5 Audit
 804         District Records
804.1 School District Records
804.2 Financial Records
804.3 Capital Assets
804.4 Intangible Assets
805         Miscellaneous
805.1 Insurance Program
Series 900 – Buildings & Sites
 900         Statement of Guiding Principles
900 Statement of Guiding Principles
901         District Buildings
901.1 Buildings and Sites Long Range Planning
901.2 Building and Site Surveys
901.3 Building and Site Acquisition
901.4 Educational Specifications for Buildings and Sites
901.5 Maintenance Schedule
902         District Property
902.1 Purchasing Policy
902.1E1 Purchasing Flow Chart
902.2 Emergency Repairs
902.3 Disposition or Lease of School District Buildings and Sites
902.4 Disposition of School District Equipment
902.5 Warning System and Emergency Plans

Series 1000 – School District Community Relations
 1000       Statement of Guiding Principles
1000 Statement of Guiding Principles
1001       Community Relations and Interaction
1001.1 News Media Relations
1001.2 School District – Community Group Relations
1001.3 School District and Other Entity Relations
1001.4 Publication of Board Meetings and Proceedings
1001.5 Public Examination of School District Records
1001.6 Community Volunteers
1002       Distribution or Display of Materials
1002.1 Distribution or Display of Materials
1002.1R1 Distribution or Display of Materials Regulation
1003       Community Use of School District Facilities and Equipment
1003.1 Community Use of School District Facilities and Equipment
1003.1R1 Facilities, Sites, and Equipment Rental
1003.1R2 Facilities, Sites, and Equipment Use Fee Schedule
1003.1R3 Community Use of School District Facilities and-or Equipment Request Form
1003.1R4 Community Use of School District Facilities and Equipment Regulations
1003.1R5 ICN Room Use Regulation
1003.2 Sunday and Wednesday School Use of Facilities
1004       Visitors to School District Building and Sites
1004.1 Visitors to School District Buildings and Sites
1004.2 Public Conduct on School Premises
1004.3 Tobacco/Nicotine-Free Environment
1005       Activities on School Grounds
1005.1 Public Performance by Students
1005.2 Advertising and Promotion
1005.3 Promotional Activities
1005.4 Fundraising
1005.5 Memorials and Special Recognition
1005.6 School District Naming of School Facilities