Little Panther Pre-School

Click on the links below to download the various Little Panther Pre-School forms:

  • Little Panther Pre-School Application and Questionnaire/Survey Forms (2017-18)
  • Spanish Version Little Panther Pre-School Application and Questionnaire (available soon, please check back)
  • Head Start Application for Little Panther Pre-School(available soon, please check back)
  • Empowerment Scholarship Application for Little Panther Pre-School (available soon, please check back)
  • Little Panther Pre-School Supply List (available soon, please check back)


The Little Panther Preschool is an inclusive, full-time program for 3-5 year olds of all needs. Our program offers:

-A certified teacher
-Large and small group instruction
-Learning Centers
-As available, participation in specials (including p.e., music, and library skills)
-Developmentally appropriate schedule and activities
-Thematic instruction
-Breakfast, lunch, milk, and snacks

A Tentative Typical Daily Schedule
7:50-8:20 Children arrive and go to breakfast
8:20-8:40 Table Tops
8:40-9:05 Opening
9:05-9:30 Recess
9:30-10:30 Centers
10:30-10:50 Thematic Instruction
11-11:40 Lunch Time / Recess
11:40-12 Brush Teeth/Story
12-1:30 Rest Time
1:30-1:50 Snack Time
1:50-2:25 Closing / Pack up
2:25-2:40 Large Group Activity
2:45-2:55 Dismissal from School