Lunch Menus


2019-20 Free & Reduced Application

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Lunch menu’s are subject to change without notice.
Lunch prices are:

  • K-4 Elementary Lunch:   $2.40
  • 5-8 Middle School Lunch:   $2.50
  • 9-12 High School Lunch:   $2.50
  • K-12 Breakfast:   $1.70
  • Adult Lunch:   $3.70
  • Adult Breakfast:  $1.85
  • Milk:   $.40

Reduced prices are $.30 per meal for breakfast and $.40 per meal for lunch.

Just a reminder to all students, School Breakfast is available daily at each school building from 7:40-8:00am.  Current cost is $1.70 per meal.  Come and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Food Service News—Did you know?

The Monticello Community School District has a student wellness policy.  The district promotes healthy students by supporting wellness, good nutrition and regular physical activity as a part of the total learning environment.  The policy states the following goals that will encourage wellness in students and staff:

¨ Encouraging physical activity, as outlined in the Student Wellness Plan – Physical Activity policy.

¨ Providing nutrition education and promotion, as outlined in the Student Wellness Plan – Nutritional Guidelines policy.

¨ Establishing other school-based activities that are designed to promote student and staff wellness, as outlined in the Student Wellness Plan – Other Activities to Promote Wellness policy.

The Student Wellness Policy #506.9 can be found on our website at