MAP Testing Fall Session Begins 

Through the months of September and October, Monticello students will be taking the fall session of MAP testing.

Please encourage your children to get a good nights rest and eat a healthy breakfast!

What is MAP Testing?

MAP testing stands for:

Measures of Academic Progress®

Understanding each student’s academic level gives teachers the power to help them excel. MAP computerized adaptive assessments are the tools that make it possible – providing educators with the detailed information they need to build curriculum and meet their students’ needs, one child at a time.

MAP offers:

Precision :  Fully adaptive tests that produce a true measure of student growth and achievement

Consistency :  Student growth that can be measured over time from kindergarten to high school

Scalability :  Aggregated Data that meets the needs of decision makers at all levels

Flexibility :  Create instructional groupings, determine place, predict proficiency on high stakes tests and more

MAP Overview:

A Tool for Teachers

Created by educators for educators, MAP assessments provide detailed, actionable data about where each child is on their unique learning path. Because student engagement is essential to any testing experience, NWEA works with educators to create test items that interest children and help to capture detail about what they know and what they’re ready to learn. It’s information teachers can use in the classroom to help every child, every day.

Adapting the Test to the Student

MAP dynamically adapts to a student’s responses – as they take the test.

  • Answer a question correctly and the test presents a more challenging item
  • Miss a question, and MAP offers a simpler item

In this way, the test narrows in on a student’s learning level, engaging them with content that allows them to succeed.

Available Assessments

Delivered over the web or through your local network, MAP is a complete set of assessments aligned to national and state curricula and standards:

  • MAP:  Reading, mathematics and language
  • MAP for Primary Grades:  Reading and mathematics
  • Science Assessment:  Concepts, processes and general science

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