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Connecting Today’s Students To Tomorrow’s Careers 
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Workplace Learning Connection


Why we do what we do

We believe in a vibrant community with a workforce ready for a changing world, and we support the next generation as they navigate and connect to our shared future.


What we do

We are connecting today’s students to tomorrow’s careers through high quality, age-appropriate work-based learning opportunities.



Industrial Internship      
XanderRiley Kennedy
Meet Kennedy HS Student
Xander Riley
Construction Management Intern
at Price Industrial Electric
“I was able to learn a lot about working in a shop from my internship, including working with several different kinds of machines and doing basic electrical prefabrication. It also led to my becoming a part-time employee for the remainder of the summer, and I was invited back over winter break as well. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who’s interested in learning a real-world skill.”

If you work for a company that values preparing the next generation and  would like to connect with them,

go to the WLC website and complete a
Volunteer Registration Form
, or contact a WLC representative – North or South office.


Research Internship


Meet Solon HS student Kaitlin Hatcher – WLC’s Lab Intern at the University of Iowa Department of Biology Evolutionary Group 


So, how many high school students do you know that seek out opportunities to count snails … on a


beach … in New Zealand?  Well, you’re about to know one now!  Two years ago at this time, Solon High School’s Kaitlin Hatcher was kicking around ideas of how to spend the summer before her junior year in high school.  Hearing about the opportunity to participate in a summer Internship seemed interesting, so she applied to WLC’s program through her Guidance Office at school.  After an interview with a panel of area professionals, Kaitlin was selected to participate in an Internship at the University of Iowa’s Department of Biology in the Evolution Group under the direction of Professor Maurine Neiman.  That summer, she worked on experiments with snails.  When Autumn came around, Kaitlin went back to her high school classes, more experienced certainly, and more sure of what her future might look like, but not thinking about traveling half way across the world to do more research. 

But, the grad students and faculty at the University had other ideas.  They were very impressed with Kaitlin’s work ethic, intelligence, and drive to intern in high school.  So, after completing her internship, she joined the lab as an undergraduate researcher and is now in a lab manager role. This January 2015, their lab  journeyed to New Zealand to further the researcher.  Neiman explains why Hatcher is still a part of their work, “Katilin is fantastic and mature on all counts – patient, positive, careful, enthusiastic, hard-working, proactive and responsible.”

Kaitlin jumped at the chance to travel with the group! “My internship with Workplace Learning Connection has taken me on an amazing journey including hands-on research, a lab manager position, and even on a field collections trip over 6000 miles away to New Zealand!”

Not every Internship results in a trip across the globe, but each Internship does produce leaps in personal growth, professional networking, and a keen understanding of a specific career and the company.  WLC encourages students to consider an Internship (90 hours) or a Practicum (45 hours) this summer as a way to hone in on post-high school planning.

Look at the article below to learn more about how to apply and what Internship opportunities are available to you! 



High School Internships  

Deadlines and the How-To’s 


WLC is accepting applications for our academic Internship sessions for Summer and Fall 2015.  The application deadline is April 3, 2015.

Internships are a great way to explore a potential career, build a student’s high school resume and create opportunities for scholarships and post- secondary opportunities!

Current sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply for this HS credit course. Hundreds of interesting internship opportunities are available for review.

All details and schedules for each county can be found at

Each school has a designated WLC point of contact to assist students with the process and that contact information can be obtained through each school’s guidance office. Students will complete an online application on the Internship tab of the WLC website.

All completed applicants will be scheduled for an interview.  Students will be approved and placed based on their application and interview outcomes.

WLC…connecting today’s students to tomorrow’s careers!

Want to be involved?  Go to

Be part of the ripple!

Workplace Learning Connection was founded in 1998 as a not-for-profit partnership of
Grant Wood AEA and Kirkwood Community College.  

Today, Workplace Learning Connection exists as a partially self-funded department of Kirkwood Community College under The Kirkwood Community College Foundation and as a partner of area 10 schools and businesses promoting and connecting career and future workforce development.