Foundation Funding Guidelines

  • All requests for funding should be submitted, in writing to the Secretary of the Foundation.
  • Prior to action by the Foundation Board, the Board would prefer to receive a recommendation from school district administration.
  • Each request should be given independent consideration.
  • The donor may recommend the use of the particular funds that are donated. However, the Foundation cannot accept funds and turn them over directly to a particular individual student.
  • The Foundation prefers to support the purchase of equipment and/or other capital improvements, which enhance the learning environment for students. (e.g. – textbooks, supplemental materials, advanced technology, software, furniture, and other materials for student use.
  • The Foundation does not wish to donate funds to the ongoing operational budget of the district.
  • The Foundation shall govern the investment process of all perpetual funds in the most prudent manner.
  • Major donors may submit investment recommendations to the Foundation Board for consideration.

Click here to download a copy of the  Monticello School Foundation Grant Request Form