Election Results – Thank you to everyone who voted!

Monticello Community School District

I just wanted to share a thank you with all who voted yesterday. Our community voted to support the continuation of the Revenue Purpose Statement language with an 83% YES vote. In addition, three board members were elected, Bud Johnson, Craig Stadtmueller, and Mandy Norton. I would like to congratulate each of them and say thank you for their willingness to volunteer as a school board member for the next four years.  The election yesterday shows again how much this community supports the Monticello Community School District.  Thank you for your continued support and I am looking forward to a fantastic 2017-2018 school year.

Dr. Brian Jaeger, Superintendent

Unofficial Election Results from the Jones County Auditor website:

Monticello School (3 to be elected)
355 Stadtmueller
314 Norton
243 Johnson

​Monticello SAVE Tax revenue purpose (simple majority) – PASSED!
324 YES
68 NO

School election results are not final until the canvass on September 15, 2017.