MS Announcements – Monday, June 3rd – Day 4

Today is Monday, June 3rd – Day 4

Today’s lunch is: BBQ Pork Sandwich, Smiley Fries, Steamed Carrots and Strawberries with Bananas.

Today is a Full Band Day.  7th grade Choir students have Choir, 8th grade Choir students have Study Hall.

Attention students:  Library books were due last week.  If you do not return your books or magazines, we will be billing your parents.

Attention Students:  We are low on ice packs.  Please return ice packs to the school nurse or the office.

If you need lunch money, please remember to tell your parents so that you’re not going into summer break with a negative balance.

Mrs. Shady will be issuing a $2.00 padlock refund to any students who wish to turn in their school padlocks.  It is recommended that you keep your padlock to use next year but if you have a school padlock that you do not use, you may turn it in before or after school for a refund.  Refunds will only be given before and after school (not during school hours).

Have a great day!