MS Announcements – Monday, January 14th – Day 1

Today is Monday, January 14th – Day 1

Today’s lunch is: Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Vegetable Soup, Cherry Tomatoes and Pineapple.

Today is a Full Band Day.  7th grade Choir students go to Study Hall, 8th grade Choir students to Choir.

Congratulations to our 10 school finalists for the geography bee. They will compete in the final competition Friday January 18 at 2:00 in the auditorium to see who our school champion will be.

5th grade: Porter Campbell and Ben Welter

6th grade: River Smith and Carson Lambert

7th grade: Alex Oswald, Preston Ries, and Sienna Hendricks

8th grade: Lauren Koehler, Becky Lang, Kale Hansen

Have a great day!