Meet our School Resource Officer, Dawn Graver!

Mrs. Graver started October 9, 2018, as our School Resource Officer (SRO).  One of the reasons she took this position was to help our future generation to rise above peer pressure.  Dawn is excited about being a positive role model in our children’s future and is looking forward to this new and rewarding position!

Mrs. Graver will move between all four buildings on a daily basis. The idea of a SRO is to be interactive with classes and students.  In the first few weeks she was introduced to our students and met with teachers at every level to collect some feedback on how they could utilize her in their classroom.  Such as: bike safety, safety when walking to school, career presentations, understanding parts of the constitution, arrest/booking procedure, crime scene investigation, self defense strategies, search and seizure rights, etc.…

The School Board unanimously approved an agreement with the city. The City Council also unanimously approved the agreement with the school district.  This will provide a School Resource Officer (SRO) every day that school is in session.

Why a School Resource Officer?  The obvious piece of the puzzle is school safety.  An SRO parked in front of a building is a deterrent for the bad guys but it also helps teen drivers to exit the parking lot safely.  An SRO can deter students from bringing drugs or alcohol into school as well as being under the influence at school.  An SRO on our campuses can reduce the response time to a emergency situation and de-escalate situations when we have angry parents or angry students.  The SRO will also be involved with the development of a district wide safety plan, school safety plans, and advise us on the best and most practical school safety procedures during drills and practices.  As we transition to a one campus district having a police officer on campus can help create the safest environment possible.

I have been reading a lot recently on school districts all around the United States wanting the opportunity to have a School Resource Officer (SRO) . We are not the first school district to go in this direction but I am sure over the next few years you will see an increased number of school districts explore this option.  I am very proud that our school board and the city council are willing to invest in our schools this way.

-Dr. Brian Jaeger, Superintendent