May 13-17 is Support Staff Appreciation Week!

Monticello Community School District,

As we continue through the month of May, it is time to celebrate the Monticello Community School District Support Staff.  May 13-17 is, “Support Staff Appreciation Week”.  We have so many wonderful people that work as a member of the support staff team in our district and each of them makes a difference in the lives of children every day.  Thank you for being the friendly faces that support our students emotionally and academically on the buses, in the cafeteria, out at recess, in the office, in the hallways, and in the classrooms.  Everyone that has worked in a school understands that it is really not like other jobs. It comes with a responsibility to care for and support the growth of over 1,000 children from the Monticello Community School District each day.  That is an overwhelming task to think about, but as a team, our support staff has answered the call.

For those Associates that work with students in the classroom, the lunchroom, and on the playground…we thank you!  For the Panther Academy crew and their early mornings and late nights…we thank you!  For the bus drivers that are the first face the students see in the morning and the last face they see at night…we thank you!  For our custodians and our buildings and grounds people who make our facilities look amazing inside and out…we thank you!  For our cafeteria staff that work hard everyday to prepare and serve fantastic meals for our students…we thank you!  To the wonderful people that work in our offices with such extreme patience when serving students, staff, and the community…we thank you!

Each support staff team member is amazing in their own way and it makes me so proud to be a part of such a great team.  Thank you for keeping our students safe and thank you for making the Monticello Community School District such a warm and welcoming place for students, staff, and our community.  This district would not be the same without the work that each support staff member does every day.

If you are a support staff team member, “Thank you and Happy Support Staff Appreciation Week!!!”  If you are a member of our community take some time and thank a support staff person this week.  They truly deserve the praise and recognition for a job well done.


Dr. Brian Jaeger, Superintendent