Love > Hate – Great Kindness Challenge

Love > Hate
During the Great Kindness Challenge all students were focusing on completing meaningful acts of kindness to others at school and home. The second grade teachers read several Martin Luther King Jr. books with their classes and discussed the message that even when others show us hate, we need to show love. The second grade team also teaches Social Thinking and Second Step curricula to help students learn to self-regulate their emotions, problem solve, build meaningful relationships, treat others with kindness, and show compassion. The second grade teachers had emailed the company, The Shop Forward, about purchasing a t-shirt they found from their website to express the message of love over hate. When they received the email, The Shop Forward company loved the message the teachers were using with their students and decided to donate shirts for all students and teachers in the 2nd grade. Thank you to The Shop Forward for this great donation.
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