IMPORTANT information regarding Epi-Pens!

Iowa recently passed a law stating that schools can voluntarily carry Epi-Pens in the case of anaphylactic reactions. This law goes into effect starting January 13th, 2016. These are NOT meant to replace the Epi-Pens for students who have known allergies and carry/keep them at school, but rather to have available in case of a new onset of allergies and anaphylaxis. Allergic reactions can vary in severity, causing rashes, hives, and occasionally anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe, life-threatening reaction that rapidly progresses, and can cause airway constriction, shock, and death. As a district, we do not take this lightly. Our Epi-Pens would not be used for a student who presents with a rash. However, in the case of true anaphylaxis, Epinephrine can be life-saving. If anaphylaxis occurs at school, Epi-Pen will be given, 911 will be called, and parent/guardians will be notified. Benadryl will now be stocked, and may be given for mild allergic reactions and/or rashes with parent permission.

You will be receiving a form in your student’s folder (elementary) or by mail (Middle School and High School). Please fill this out and return it ASAP. We will also need you to log in to Power School and update the permissions section, as it has been re-formatted with the addition of these two medications. We have also broken up the OTC (Over the Counter) meds section into more categories.

Please contact Morgan Murray (319) 465-3575 ext 2280 with questions regarding Power School, and contact the school nurses with any questions regarding the Epi Pens and Benadryl. Jen Speltz (319) 465-5425 ext 1327 or Jodi Heinrich (319) 465-3575 ext 2105.