Important! Important! Important! – Traffic Safety!

The Monticello Community School District urges you to support our priority of student and traffic safety around your school.
At certain times of the day, particularly before and after school, the amount of vehicles and pedestrian traffic around our schools may create congestion. Please leave our bus lane in front of the schools open for unloading and loading buses. Parents who drop off their students at school should be careful to observe the school area speed limit and look carefully for other students walking to school. Please, when picking up or dropping off students at these locations, do not stop in the busy street, and do not block crosswalks or driveways.

At the elementary level, it is suggested that you park near the school and escort your child by foot to your car in safety to/from the bus loading area.

When dropping off or picking up students at the middle school, please, please have your child(ren) use the designated crosswalks. Many students are observed bolting in front or behind their parent’s car or buses only to be placed in danger of the other traffic.

It is best if parents drop off students or pick students up with the passenger side of the car closest to the building curb so students do not have to cross the street in front of other cars. Safety comes only with vigilance by everyone. Be courteous to your fellow parents and residents. Safe driving improves the safety for all children, including yours. Thank you for your help with improving the safety of your children! Suggestions or comments? Give us a call!