BUS TRANSFER AND PICK-UP at the Middle School. Let’s start the 2016-17 school year safe!

August 10, 2016

Monticello Community School Students and Parents


Due to the central location within our city limits, the Middle School has been the transfer station for all bus students.  With this comes many logistical issues as well as safety issues for our students PreK-12 who transfer to the Middle School, and for Middle School Students who are being dropped off/picked up or who are walking to school.

Superintendent Jaeger, Police Chief Smith, Mr. Wink (Transportation Director) and myself had an opportunity meet and discuss these issues at length.  There are concerns both in the morning and particularly the afternoon when all buses are at the Middle School at the same time.

We brainstormed a number of possible solutions, none to which we felt were perfect solutions.  We did come to a consensus that the best solution for now would be as follows:

  • Have Officer Smith and the building principals meet with all students PreK-8 at the beginning of the year to discuss safety when crossing streets, and when riding bikes.
  • Place two crossing guards (one on each corner on the West side of the Middle School) to help assist students in crossing the streets. They will be provided training, a vest, and hand held stop sign, so they can easily be seen compliments of the Monticello Police Department.
  • Paint the cross walks in the Fall and Spring so that they are easily seen by drivers.
  • Have all students riding bikes to the Middle School dismount and walk their bikes once they are on school grounds. (This would also apply to skateboards and other types of transportation students may use to come to school.)

We will be monitoring the situation and reconvene in October to discuss how these changes have been going.  We will make changes as determined by the data collected through observation.

Parents, we want all students to be safe at school, including before and after school.  Teachable moments happen all the time, so with your support, we believe we can eliminate unnecessary risks to our students.  Thank you for discussing this matter with your own child/children to reinforce positive, safe behavior as students transfer from home to school and back.

Remember, patience and caution will go a long way in helping with the safety of our children.

Thank you,

Brent Meier, Middle School Principal                     Dr. Brian Jaeger, Superintendent