3-Year Strategic Operating Plan

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Monticello Community School District,

The development of a Strategic Operating Plan (SOP) is an important part to any organization.  Over the last several months we have dedicated countless hours to identify our priority areas of focus and develop steps to improve in each of those areas.  The Monticello Community School District three-year Strategic Operating Plan provides a road map for the 2017 through 2019 school years, with a driving focus on increasing success for all students.  This document was created based on the common themes and needs identified through seven months of conversations and data collection from community members, parents, district leaders, and employees.  As you read through this document, you will find that the Strategic Operating Plan is aligned with the School Board’s Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Broad District Goals.

The Strategic Operating Plan is organized around four specific areas; Facilities, Communication, Technology, and Teaching/Learning.  In each area specific strategies have been identified along with action steps that will guide implementation of this plan and make the district stronger in each specific area.  Our goal will be to implement the action steps according to the timeline set forth in the Strategic Operating Plan.  At the end of our three year plan we will begin the process of reflecting on the completed plan and selecting areas of focus again and develop another Strategic Operating Plan.

The Strategic Operating Plan will be closely monitored and the School Board will be updated on progress throughout the school year.  The Strategic Operating Plan is a living document that sets priorities that will give us a clear direction over the next three years.  It will be very exciting to continue our work with the staff, parents, students, and community to make this plan become a reality.  Even more exciting is the impact the implementation of the Strategic Operating Plan will have on our students in the future.

Click here to view the 3-year Strategic Operating Plan!

Feel free to email me at brian.jaeger@monticello.k12.ia.us with any questions.  Thank you for your continued support of the Monticello Community School District!!!



Dr. Brian Jaeger, Superintendent


The Mission of the Monticello Community Schools, a District striving for educational excellence, is to prepare students through challenging experiences, to be caring, productive, creative citizens who will possess a desire to be lifelong learners.