For 2020-21, we will have openings in the Little Panthers Preschool. If you are interested in registering your 4-year-old, please pick up an application from the Shannon Elementary School office in January or go to -Shannon Elementary-Little Panther Preschool

Applications are available on JANUARY 6 and due FEBRUARY 28.

Preschool openings are filled through a lottery method. Head Start slots and Empowerment Grants are available.

This preschool is an inclusive, full-day program (Monday through Thursday) for students of all needs. Our program offers:

✅A certified teacher and paraprofessional
✅Large and small group instruction
✅Learning Centers
✅Developmentally appropriate schedule and activities
✅Thematic instruction
✅Social Skills Curriculum
✅Breakfast, lunch, milk, and snacks

If you have any questions please call Shannon Elementary Secretary Sandy Hinrichs at 319-465-3000, ext. 4114.